Dienstag, 18. Februar 2020


Russlands Präsident Wladimir Putin hat sich dafür ausgesprochen, in der geplanten neuen Verfassung seines Landes keine gleichgeschlechtlichen…

Der australische Schauspieler Rick Cosnett (36, "The Vampire Diaries") hat in einem Instagram-Video erstmals öffentlich über seine Homosexualität…

Lilly Becker (43) geht unter die Schauspieler! Boris Beckers (52) Noch-Ehefrau probierte sich in ihrem Leben schon in verschiedenen Jobs aus:

CSD Deutschland

Sa 23.05.2020
Sa 30.05.2020 ⇒ So 31.05.2020
Sa 06.06.2020

CSD Europa

Sa 20.06.2020

Pride worldwide

Sa 29.02.2020
Fr 05.06.2020 ⇒ Fr 19.06.2020

Gay / Lesbian events

Do 27.08.2020 ⇒ So 30.08.2020
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Lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, intersex * and the police Hamburg

In order to create trust and to make it clear that the Hamburg police are there for ALL citizens, there are four so-called
contact persons for LSBTI *.

The colleagues advise LGBTI * associations as well as victims of crime and, if necessary, file criminal complaints and information.

We make it clear that acts of violence against LGBTI * have no place in our society!

Please contact us, we are here for you! Only if you turn to the police, crimes can be clarified or prevented.

Help US to fight hate crime!

You can either contact a police station, the online police station (www.hamburg.de/onlinewache) or one of the two contact persons.

The two contact persons of the protection and criminal police work in the police headquarters and are directly reachable via their own mailbox lsbti [at] polizei.hamburg.de as well as by telephone:

Christine Osbahr, Tel .: 4286 70324 * Mobile: 0176 428 528 48
Marco Burmester-Krüger, Tel .: 4286 70325 * Mobile: 0176 428 52847