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Free and Hanseatic City of Hamburg (Low German/Low Saxon: Hamborg [ˈhaˑmbɔːx]), is a city state territory of Germany and with nearly 1.8 million inhabitants, the second largest city in Germany, eighth largest city in the European Union, as well as largest none-capital city of the member states. (

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... Hamburg hails as one of the most beloved travel destinations for tourists in Germany. Attractions include the Innercity, the Port of Hamburg and its piers, the “sinful Mile” on the Reeperbahn in St. Pauli, and even the plentiful construction sites which the city is known for. Seasonal events and occasions include the “Hafengeburtstag” (translated harbour birthday), the fish market in Altona, “der Hamburg Dom” (a re-occuring carnival), “der Schlagermove”(schlager being a form of music), as well as the Christopher Street Day parade which belongs to a 3-day lesbian/gay festival that takes place every year in Hamburg. As the 3rd most important city for musicals worldwide, hamburg is home to 60 Theaters, with such works as The Lion King, and 60 Museums, including internationally known Galleries such as the Hamburg Art Gallery (Hamburger Kunsthalle) and the Buverius Art Forum (Bucerius Kunst Forum). Important trade shows like the Hanseboot or the INTERNORGA appear regularly. Hamburg also plays an important roll in supporting sports with the Hamburger SV and FC St. Pauli soccer teams, the Vattenfall Cyclassic cyling team, as well as hosting the international German tennis championships, Germany’s Spring-Derby, and the Hamburg Marathon.

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Mittwoch, 23. August 2017



Bremen: Der CSD ist zurück

Bremen hat wieder einen Christopher Street Day. Er macht sich für Geflüchtete, Trans- und...

22.08.2017 09:08

Schwuler Tim (15) kämpft gegen Klassenfahrt-Regeln

Mit einer Petition will der homosexuelle Schüler Tim (15) aus Mecklenburg-Vorpommern erreichen,...

21.08.2017 10:04

Kanadas Premier Trudeau und Irlands Regierungschef Varadkar bei Gay-Pride-Parade

Kanadas Premierminister Justin Trudeau hat am Sonntag gemeinsam mit dem irischen Regierungschef Leo...

21.08.2017 09:59

CSD Deutschland

Mittwoch 23.08.2017 - Donnerstag 23.08.2018

CSD Bremen
Samstag 26.08.2017
CSD Münster
Samstag 26.08.2017
CSD Dortmund
Samstag 09.09.2017

CSD Europa

Mittwoch 23.08.2017 - Donnerstag 23.08.2018

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Pride worldwide

Mittwoch 23.08.2017 - Donnerstag 23.08.2018

Dallas Pride
Samstag 16.09.2017 ⇒ Sonntag 17.09.2017

Gay / Lesbian events

Mittwoch 23.08.2017 - Donnerstag 23.08.2018

10. Pink Lake Festival
Donnerstag 24.08.2017 ⇒ Sonntag 27.08.2017
Bear Pride
Donnerstag 12.10.2017 ⇒ Sonntag 15.10.2017